Video Ad Offerings

Video - Pre-Roll


Pre-Roll is a: 15-:30 video that is played before an AccuWeather hosted video which can appear with a 300x250 companion.

In-Banner Video

 Rectangle banner that either runs a: 15 - :30 video or can support a custom video forecast created by AccuWeather.  This can run across Desktop or Mobile Web.

Video - Custom Forecast

Custom Forecast

Custom Video Forecasts are: 15 - : 30 daily, weekend or weekly forecasts that are created around a specific theme.   These forecasts will run on and can also be used on our Place-Based Platforms and AccuWeather Television Network.

AccuWeather Television Network

With strong local presence in over 22 Million households across 47 markets, advertisers can surround AccuWeather’s forecast daily with a: 15 –: 30 commercial, custom forecast or LBar. Contact us for more details.