Desktop Ad Offerings

AccuWeather supports all IAB approved ad units, including 728x90, 300x250, 300x600 and 160x600.   Details and advertising specs can be found here.

Rising Stars are IAB approved creative that are highly engaging and impactful.  These can be provided by advertisers/agencies or can be created in house.  Rising stars can include video, weather-streaming, social integration, and many other content options. These are a great solution for brand awareness and achieving high impact and high engagement KPIs of the campaign.

Desktop - Billboards


Billboard is a 970x250 banner that replaces the leader board and runs full width of the page with full close-ability.

AccuWeather has unique placements across the Desktop which allows for optimal impact and performance.

Desktop - Forecast Integration

Forecast Integrations

These custom ads are integrated around the forecast on the Forecast Page on This ad appears as if it is in the forecast providing a unique and Native feel. This unit can appear as a standalone above the fold or be synched with a 300x250 for a higher impact. Forecast Integrations also feature an expandable functionality that can feature video.

Desktop - Presitital


Prestitials are creative that appears as a visitor enters the site. Prestitials are always frequency capped at 1 times per visit per every 4 days. This can be adjusted to 1 times per visit per day upon approval. This is a great solution for brand awareness and increasing the overall performance of the campaign.

Desktop - Forecast & Section Takeovers

Forecast & Section Takeovers

Takeovers can be implemented and run on a variety of AccuWeather pages such as homepage, forecast page, and lifestyle index pages. Section Takeovers include 100% ownership of the media on page for a specified period of time. This is a great solution for brand awareness.

Desktop - Dynamic Weather Unit

Dynamic Weather Unit

Custom unit that dynamically changes text and  creative based on the weather at the user's current location.