Mobile & Tablet Web Ad Offerings

 AccuWeather supports all IAB approved ad units, including 300x50, 320x50 and 728x90(Tablet Only).  We can support all media types.  Additional Details and advertising specs can be found here

Rising Stars are IAB approved creative that are highly engaging and impactful. These can be provided by advertisers/agencies or can be created in house. Rising stars can include video, weather-streaming, social integration, and many other content options. These are a great solution for brand awareness and achieving high impact and high engagement KPIs of the campaign.

Mobile - Adhesion Banner

Adhesion Banner

 A 300x50 banner that stays with the visitor as they read AccuWeather content on a Mobile Web page but does not interrupt the visitor’s experience.

Mobile - Slider Banner

Slider Banner

 The standard banner appears with a Swipe Call-to-Action that brings the visitor to a full screen display.

Mobile - Expandable

Banner which expands when user taps it. Must include a close button. The size of the expandable panel can be any size including full screen

  •  Must be MRAID 1.0 compliant
  •  Must be built by Rich Media Vendor as there are ORMMA standards that apply to apps.

Mobile - Forecast & Section Takeover

Forecast & Section Takeover

Forecast Sponsorships are ads integrated around the forecast on the forecast page on mobile and web.  The forecast pages are the most visited pages on mobile.